Hello & Welcome!

I am Marlene,
And inspiring people to lead conscious lives is a passion for me!

Whether I work with teenagers or adults, my invitation to them to commence their journey by first taking a good look inside and start digging, stands the same! I love to witness them as they patiently work towards their targeted goals while discovering what it is that matters to them, acknowledging their unique value in the process and going for their dreams. These are the real rewards in the work that I do!

Looking back 40+ years when I was taking my first steps, I can see clearly now that what has always led me to be doing the work I am today dedicated to, is my passion to serve and my passion to inspire people live in ways that make them feel happy and joyful!

As an internationally accredited and Certified Leadership Coach, Licensed Career Coach & Counsellor and accredited Educational Consultant, I love to support them as they do this work that will transform them, together celebrate their wins and empower them as they seek careers that are gratifying and lives that are uncompromisingly fulfilling.

I am a respected and long-time contributor in my community, with a commitment in the fields of Education & Lifelong Learning, Youth Development and Women’s Leadership. Through S.M.A.R.T. Options Educational Services, the first organisation I founded back in 1998, some 15,000 high school & university students were guided around study options & career pathways and hundreds of women coached around employability suits, career plans & in sustaining a healthy work life balance.

My lifelong presence in the professional arena and the multitude of roles I served on the way, have undoubtedly compiled a rich collection of experiences & stories that I now want to share and give back to you.

It’s been a long journey that saw me surpass a number of challenging professional and personal transitions and I have travelled through some really bumpy roads before sailing into calmer waters, where I am today.  And where I am now, my life and career paths have never been more focused and aligned with my newly-found mission.

If you are looking to unapologetically live your own truth, find your mission, re-write your own story and move into new chapters,
l can’t wait to hear from you!

With love

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My ‘ideal job’ resulted out of many Life and Career transitions.

I often say I have had a parallel career. A strong advocate of active volunteerism, I have served for 3 decades in areas I value deeply: women’s career development & leadership, youth empowerment and the cultivation of a culture of peace and unity in all environments.

As a speaker or moderator in numerous conferences and seminars all over Europe, I took part in panel discussions and presentations that focused on youth empowerment & development, self-growth, women’s significant role in society & the economy, as well as the invisible trauma & impact of war and conflict.

In 2004 I was nominated by the Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW) Cyprus for the Young Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, while representing the Federation in 2010 at the Pan-Arab & Africa Women’s Conference in Cairo was an eye-opener. In 2011 I was honoured to be appointed by The European Commission as Mentor for Younger Women Entrepreneurs in Cyprus and a member of The European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs, while in 2012, at the invitation of the US Department of State, I travelled to Constantinople for the 1st Regional Conference on “Invest in the future – Women leading Economic Growth’.

A special place in my heart holds a great career I enjoyed within EAPS/EUMA/IMA (International Management Assistants), serving on the Executive Board as Executive Vice Chairman, Chairman & Founding member of IMA Cyprus (1989) and Head of the Organising Committee for the 1995 Annual Conference & AGM in Cyprus.

I have been called an initiator and this, together with my enthusiasm, dedication to my cause, as well as my enormous capacity to persevere and push through where most people would stop, has been decisive in the shaping of my career and my life.

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Like the bright yellow sunflowers, I am always drawn to where the light is, to where a caring warm sun spreads its rays, to skies that are clear and to blue seawaters that are visible and transparent.

As humans we evolve, we change, circumstances shift and each stage of life brings new opportunities. I believe in creating new futures that inspire us throughout our lives.  And I love to work with my clients to support them discover what is important to them, define goals that are important to them and then figure out how to get there. Often this involves helping people see things from a new and different perspective, which in turn changes the way they behave and ultimately impacts what is possible. Changing perspectives can also ignite new energy and passion and allows us to let go of old stories that are holding us back.

I am Marlene and I live in Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. I love warmth, openness, authenticity, excellence, simplicity and to know where I’m going. I am an explorer at heart. Nothing rejuvenates me more than ‘walking through’ life, connecting with people, visiting new lands, observing cultures, being moved by the commonalities that unite us all humans, listening to stories. And telling stories!

The same kick I get when I set off for another kind of exploration, that of the Self. Within my own quest for self-discovery, I have come to understand that it is only when accessing the most authentic expression of ourselves that we can find meaning and purpose in our life. Everything we have lived, everything we have experienced, leaves its mark on our own cells. It is a valuable part of us. And always, a great starting point!

And where I am now, my life and career paths have never been more representative of who I am and of what I want to be bringing into the world. If that’s what you want, I can guide you there too. 

Let’s join forces!!
With love,

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  • Marlene is a natural connector, curious about people and works with real empathy, which means that people will want to work with her not just for the outcome, but for the enjoyable and eventful journey she will take them on. She is driven by a really clear sense of freedom and purpose and of what is important to her, which means that when things get tough, she is able to generate strength to overcome the obstacles. Her upbringing and the challenges she has faced and overcame, mean that she works with real empathy and are very valuable when other people are trying to overcome their own impediments. She has a fascinating story to tell and a background that makes her stand out from the crowd. Her clients are in excellent hands with her.

    Janine Graham - Leadership and Development Coach/Talent Management, Boots Pharmaceuticals, U.K.

  • Marlene is recognised for her gentleness and pleasant approach, while her work achievements are predominantly distinguished by undoubted ethics, precision, method and time efficiency. She is admittedly a rare example of dedication to her cause.

    Glafkos Cariolou - Ex-Mayor of Kyrenia Municipality (2011-2016) - Ambassador on Maritime Affairs in Cyprus - Sail Trainer at KYRENIA-LIBERTY ship

  • Dear Marlene, I have just heard of your election as Executive Deputy Chairman on the European Board of EAPS. Please accept my warmest congratulations for your election on this prestigious position. This is a great achievement for you personally and for EAPS in Cyprus. Knowing you and your capabilities and qualities, I am sure that EAPS Cyprus will enjoy even greater achievements. Well done Marlene!

    Michael H Zampelas - Managing Partner, Coopers & Lybrand, Cyprus

  • Marlene, I understand you have very successfully headed up a team involved in the setting up and running of a big European conference for the European Association of Professional Secretaries. I know that your job is a particularly busy one and just wanted to commend you on balancing the two. From what I hear, the conference was a great success. Well done.

    Andrew Morgan - Managing Director, United Distillers International, London-UK

  • I have experienced her as going “out of her way” to deliver to the best of her ability, always being her word, demonstrating reliability, a high sense of duty and an extremely high level of quality work. She sets plans for projects, conducts a lot of research and always has good knowledge of the topic she discusses. She possesses excellent interpersonal skills, which can only help when it comes to managing or connecting with people and successfully creates supportive and cooperative environments by cultivating a team spirit.

    Elena Tanou - Vice-President TOP KINISIS, Board Member World Vision, Board Member Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Former President of BPW Cyprus and Transparency International-Cyprus

  • Dear Marlene, Congratulations! What a marvellous European EAPS conference! I enjoyed every moment of it. I thought you chaired the proceedings superbly and are a credit to the Association, your company and your country.

    Christine Davies - Director, Christine Davies Associates Training and Management, Founding Member of International Management Assistants (ex-EAPS)