Building My Career – Career Transitions – Career Change

In working with many clients, either Directors, Managers, Novice Entrepreneurs, Millennials or Mid-Career Professionals, what I have witnessed is that those who are most satisfied and motivated by their work are in careers which,

  • reflect who they really are
  • align with what they are really all about
  • coincide with their true nature and their real passions
  • draw on their innate strengths and employ their favourite skills
  • allow them to honour their deeply-held values


Is This You?

Do you currently find yourself here?

  • your work just doesn’t fit the person you are today & you need to re-define what your direction is now
  • over the years you’ve invested time, achieved important landmarks, qualified as a recognised professional, but all this somehow leaves you feeling empty, frustrated and pressured
  • you have family obligations and financial responsibilities and feel guilty about making a change
  • you are afraid of what your partner, friends or family will say if you make a major change
  • you may already have received plenty of advice and talked things through with family and friends 
  • you are looking to reduce stress and acquire a more easy pace
  • you feel frustrated, not good enough and not confident enough
  • you are looking for clarity
  • perhaps you are considering starting your own business or work from home
  • you are returning to work after time-off, redundancy or child-rearing
  • you are starting out and looking for direction and guidance
  • you may be aware of what goes on inside of you, yet not doing anything about it


What is holding you back
from doing what you really want?

As with any undesirable situation, you may hold on to your old patterns because you are afraid of the unknown afraid or unsure what you will get back in return when you make changes So you keep your old patterns knowing that they don’t work for you and may even cause you and your loved ones pain and suffering the biggest problem with old patterns is that you cannot just throw them out. Any pattern or behaviour you do, you do for a (good) reason. You got something good out of the pattern in the past, it helped you survive or even live. But now you are so set in your comfort zone, you are reluctant because you are afraid of throwing everything away not knowing what you will get in return you feel you need a career change but are afraid of taking the next step.

People ask me: When we refer to Career Development, do we refer to just our Career? 

Great question! Because you may think that you can separate your Career from your Personal Life, but the honest truth is you are one and the same person and the two are inter-wined. Your happiness or unhappiness in either area, will affect the other areas too.

And this because,

  • it’s about how you feel every morning when you prepare to get to work
  • it’s about how that rubs off on your health and your relationships
  • it’s about the impact you can make in the world through being alive in what you do!

To find out what makes you tick and what you have to offer to your world, your kind of people or communities, can be a quest that can take forever.

I’m here to help. Do you want to move from where you are?

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My genuine interest to see people do work that they love and be in careers that leave them happy and fulfilled, bears no limitations

Let’s work together

1:1 x 45’ Introductory Exploration Session

This ‘taster’ coaching consultation is an opportunity for you to explore how coaching could serve you, learn more about yourself and determine what our coaching relationship could look like and if we’d like to continue working together. During this time, I will share my philosophy on coaching and you will have an opportunity to discuss your goals and intentions. We will also discuss a high-level action plan for what your coaching process could look like.

 1:1 x 120’ Discovery Session

During this discovery session we will design our alliance and determine how we will work together. In addition, I will introduce some coaching terminology and tools, establish your priorities and goals for the coaching process, and ensure we’re aligned on logistics. We will also set the foundation for the rest of our coaching relationship by exploring your values and some tools you can rely on.

1:1 x 75’ Focus Specific Coaching Session

This option is ideal for a client who has a focused goal in mind. Here you have maximum flexibility to schedule sessions as needed, to gain clarity on a focused topic or to grow specific skills.

Examples of where you could be looking for guidance:

  • Your career situation & current needs
  • Interview techniques & personal presentation at interview
  • A CV lifting
  • Ways of upgrading your skills to gain more employability
  • Exploring further training opportunities or short courses
  • Designing career development strategies

‘Revitalise your Career: Explore, Dream, Discover’ – a 3 or 6 month Career Coaching Program

We can sail together on this proven 12 x 60’ sessions Career Coaching program, which has been carefully tailored using research into best practice in career assessment and transition. What is unique about this program is that it draws on your own innate resources to help you identify an exciting and viable career direction. It takes you on a journey from uncertainty about your current job, through to having a clear vision of a career that is a perfect fit for you, with an action plan for how to make it happen.

The program is designed in three phases:

  • We look at who you really are (Explore)
  • Creatively generate a number of possible new career choices (Dream)
  • Bring your Vision into Action (Discover)

Each phase has been named after an inspiring quotation by Mark Twain:

‘20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore-Dream-Discover’


What will you gain through Co-Creating with me?

  • increased self-awareness to help you align your personal & professional goals with your personal values
  • support & encouragement to develop from old ways of thinking and being, to new ways of believing and behaving
  • discover how you can move outside of your comfort zones and push yourself to new levels of performance
  • invaluable skills that will enable you to be more successful in future transitions that you will encounter
  • learn how set your priorities straight in your mind, to decide what your next steps should be
  • the dedicated time to get clearer about what you want to do next
  • discover and tap into your inner resources, so that the challenge is turned into an opportunity
  • new passion for the things that fuel you
  • deep understanding of limiting beliefs & personal obstacles
  • empowerment & self-confidence in your ability to achieve your goals
  • improved balance
  • an exciting vision for a new chapter of life
  • momentum for actionable change
  • regained identity and sense of worth
  • become aware of your own unique approach to navigating through big changes & transitions where you may be getting challenged or stuck
  • clarity & perspective in your life purpose
  • a fulfilled life


Why me? Why my services can bring value to you?

  • 40+ years in the professional arena
  • 25 years in Guiding, Coaching & Consulting people

  • I am a trained/Licensed Career Coach with extensive experience in career coaching & guidance, having helped many clients with their career progression, design & activation of career plans & strategy
  • I am an internationally accredited Certified Co-Active* Coach who abides by the professional ethics and standards of conduct set by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), The International Coach Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Global
  • Founded & built 2 business practices
  • Went through a number of personal & career transitions myself
  • Decades of personal development and spiritual work
  • 25 years of active volunteerism, serving in positions of Leadership in a number of professional Associations, NGO’s and Women’s Initiatives
  • In our work together I not only use my coaching credentials but also a mix of approaches, based on my long-term professional & personal experiences
  • Serving in a multitude of roles in my life & career: from student, employee at both small companies & multinationals in UK & Cyprus, spouse, entrepreneur, business-owner, teacher, trainer, active volunteer & citizen, working mother, I have an abundance of stories to share with you
  • In me there’s an innate passion to empower & help people lead conscious lives
  • I believe in the power and fire that each person brings within them

Imagine feeling happy at work!  Make that Change now!


  • When I heard Marlene presenting at a career event, talking about her own career development and transitions, I was not mistaken in my estimation that she would be the person that could guide and support me within my own quest in finding career fulfillment. 

    Following an introductory call offered by Marlene, I decided to jump onto her powerful Career Coaching Program, Revitalise your Career – Explore, Dream, Discover. It was the best decision I made! Gaining clarity around my career aspirations, was a goal that I triumphantly achieved through this program! It magically helped me recognize my strengths, skills, unique qualities, as well as my core values in life, a process I found necessary in order to discover what career styles aligned with what suits me best.

    Marlene’s guidance has been remarkable, leaving a lasting impact. As an intuitive, patient, and perceptive coach, she consistently offered dedicated support, showcasing a genuine commitment to my needs and goals. It is no understatement to state that learning in the process that I have courage -to be stepping out of my comfort zone, that I embrace new opportunities & take risks, that I have resilience, an ability to adapt to changes, leadership skills and a passion to make an impact in the world, were all discoveries that elevated me beyond imagination.  I was particularly empowered with Marlene’s continuous encouragement to celebrate what I was discovering about me. All of this, created an experience that I felt profoundly transformed my perspective and my mindset! The program strengthened me significantly, boosted my self-confidence and belief in me, helped me gain invaluable insights into what I am most passionate about, while paving the way towards a direction in my career and life that was now super clear to me!


    – Irene Mosaikou, Cultural Events – Traditional Dancing - Digital Support 

  • “I seeked Marlene’s expertise when I felt I needed help with big decisions around my career. Marlene is a great listener and sees the best in you, identifying quickly the strengths and passions of her coachee. Her cheery, optimistic approach and warm personality, make it easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. In our sessions I found that Marlene’s authenticity, her free and vibrant spirit and her passion to give and to support, enabled me to form a wider picture of my situation and look at things from different perspectives. After a few sessions, I was able to take steps towards meeting my business goals and I am beyond ecstatic!”

    — Styliana Pontiki Drege - Founder/Director, Vision2Action Ltd, ex-Business Development Manager World Trade Centres Holdings Cyprus

  • “I regard Marlene as a big positive force in my life! Our coaching sessions were always the highlight of my day and her positive energy and laughter were contagious! Marlene helped me through a very difficult time in my career and with her support I caused the change needed and found the job of my dreams! Even though our sessions ended some time ago, I find myself going back to my notes from that time, to remember what’s important!”

    — Maria Christofide, ESG & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, AMDOCS Limassol

  • “Marlene is an amazing and very inspiring career coach! I went to her with issues at my work and our coaching sessions together opened up a whole new world to me and offered me new perspectives. Although I don’t share easily deep thoughts and feelings, I instantly felt I could trust Marlene and share with her anything going on inside of me”

    — Dr. Kyriaki Ioannides - Cultural Officer, Cultural Services Department, Ministry of Education