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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver

Especially if you are:

  • a student attending high school
  • a recent high school graduate
  • doing your military service
  • studying at university
  • preparing for employment 

And you are:

  • tired of hearing questions like: so, what are you going to do after you finish school/university? Oh, you  still don’t have a clue about your future?
  • generally stressed with everything that is expected of you?
  • weary of all those never-ending tests, homework and exams?
  •  afraid of failure or of getting low grades?
  • suffering from perfectionism?
  • struggling with peer pressure?
  • suppressing yourself just to be like others?
  • feeling that with such a full schedule, you have no time for the things you love?
  • tired that no-one really listens to you?
  • anxious about your future?
  • confused and indecisive about what you want to do after school/university or with your life in general?
  • worried if your qualifications and skills are enough to make you employable?
  • you think: how will I get a job without previous work experience?
  •  afraid of all that competition around?
  • worried about money or your financial obligations?
  • confused & uncertain?

And instead, you want to:

  • maximise your full potential as a student?
  • be joyful and happy?
  • see your academic institution as your partner?
  • enjoy your student years?
  • have time for activities you love?
  • be less stressed & more relaxed?
  • think about the future with excitement?
  • have good friendships & relationships?
  • start defining your Career & Life Direction while discovering who you are & what you want?
  • lead a life where your talents, best qualities & unique attributes will be put to good use?
  • engage in fulfilling and fun work that you love?

How do you BRIDGE this gap?

Let us co-create

For Teens & Young Adults  (14-24)

🌻1:1 Empowerment & Exploration Coaching Sessions – What is my next step?

60’ x 1:1 Sessions to help you answer specific questions & find solutions to identifiable issues

🌻Building Confidence & Self-Awareness Programs

Programs especially designed to help you gain that much needed awareness of yourself. that will lead you to making choices around your higher education and career direction. with Clarity, Confidence and Certainty!

Part A. ‘Explore, Dream, Discover – The Focus is on Me’ 

Starting your self-exploratory journey, you will be guided to dive into deeper aspects of your Being, allowing you to discover and understand who you are on the whole. Over these 5 sessions, you will learn that you are much more tban meets the eye. The new awareness that you will gain through identifying your strengths, motivators, preferences and also personal limitations, will allow you see clearly how you want to narrow down your options, creating a first draft of action steps towards your future. You will also be introduced to those fundamental tools & wisdom, that will enable you to sharpen your ability for making conscious choices & decisions in both your personal and student life. More details on request.

Included are:

  • 5 x 1:1 x 90’ sessions
  • A mix of exercises, coaching & counselling
  • Tools & Resources for life
  • Ongoing communication in between the sessions via emails or messages
  • Regular reviews to assess progress
  • 1 x 60’ meeting with parents at end of program

The program will introduce you to those fundamental tools and knowledge that will allow you to sharpen your ability for making conscious choices & decisions in both your personal and student life. More details on request

Part B. (Completion of Part A is required)
Explore, Dream, Discover’ – What Study – What Career?.

Included are:

  • 4 x 1:1 x 90’ sessions
  • A mix of coaching & consulting
  • Developing skills
  • Tools & Resources for life
  • Ongoing communication between sessions via email or messages
  • Regular review to assess progress
  • 1 x 60’ meeting with parents at end of program

In this program. you will be coached and guided on how to set those criteria on which to base your study & career decisions, select academic subjects at school or design a study-plan for university or employment, depending on which stage you are in your life. You will also focus on any preparation that is required, that will enable you to meet your desired goals. The program additionally offers hands-on advice on how to research around university courses or jobs (if you are at that stage), that are most suited to your abilities, interests, personality, motivators and preferred lifestyle.

    🌻Services for Studies @ University

    ‘Kicking-Off The Personal Statement’ Pack

    Stellar guidance on what to include and how to put together this vital part of a University Application Form, within the prescribed limited requirements, in a way that will serve the applicant best.

    *Marlene Michaelidou has 25 years of experience in guiding students with the preparation of their Personal Statements for university entry. Within her long engagement in the offering of this service, she has met & conversed with many university admissions tutors and has an excellent understanding of what they look for in a personal statement. She has assisted over 600 students with their personal statements so far, with great success.

    The General Academic Practice Interview Pack*

    This service, focuses on the General Academic Practice Interview (as opposed to the “Subject-Specific” Interview) conducted by universities and provides an opportunity for the candidate to bring themselves close to a real-life university interview scenario, conducted by someone who is objective and experienced in giving tips & feedback on this.

    Oxford University and Cambridge University invite applicants for an Interview. For university courses like medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, therapy and other para-medical programs, universities call the applicants for an Interview, before making a decision as to whether they want to offer them a place or not. Some Business PG courses may also require an interview.

    *Marlene  Michaelidou has been offering this service since 2003, following training she received by British universities she represented in Cyprus for 20 years.

    University Application Packages for Undergraduate Studies in the U.K.

    A range of packages that offer/extend stellar guidance, advice and hands-on assistance to the student with the selection of study options, deciding on courses at university, making a careful selection of universities, as well as step-by-step guidance with the whole UCAS application process, from preparation-despatch-following up thereafter up to the completion of the cycle. Includes research, finances information, uni-housing & pre-departure briefing.

    🌻Bespoke packages upon request

    We can discuss your needs and make together a plan.

    For Parents

    🌻1:1 Supporting & Empowering Parents Coaching Sessions

    60’ x sessions to get you empowered and strengthened, so you can provide the right kind of support to your child. The sessions can also help you gain a much-needed inner peace & calmness or gain clarity on a focused topic.

    *What makes these programs unique?

    • Probably the only programs that offer a
      healthy combination of Coaching &
    • A mix of coaching & self-discovery exercises,
      visualizations, reflection
    • Tools & resources for life
    • Stellar advice on Study & Career choices
    • Wellbeing support throughout
    • On-going communication/check-ins between sessions via email
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    What will you gain through Co-Creating with me?

    • clarity & an increased self-esteem
    • self-awareness that will allow you to align your goals with your values
    • the confidence to set your goals and create plans
    • deep understanding of limiting beliefs & personal obstacles
    • learn how set your priorities straight in your mind, to decide what your next steps should be
    • support & encouragement to develop from old ways of thinking and being, to new ways of                  believing and behaving
    • discover how you can move outside of your comfort zones and push yourself to new levels of performance
    • the dedicated time to get clearer about what you want to do next
    • discover and tap into your inner resources, so that the challenge is turned into an opportunity
    • the ability to define your direction in your studies & career pathways
    • develop a skillset that will sharpen your ability to make conscious decisions
    • tools & techniques for better time management, stress-management & balance
    • strategies that work for you, eg. self-advocacy and asking for help
    • inner joy, optimism, positivity and an increased level of energy
    • new passion for the things that fuel you

    Why me? Why my services can bring value to you

    • 40+ years in the professional arena
    • 25-year experience in actively supporting Teens & Students
    • Coached, guided and directed c. 15,000 teenagers & young adults, with academic choices at              school, study options in higher education & selection of career paths
    • An accredited, Licensed Educational Consultant for Higher Education studies
    • 100% success in preparing students for university entry
    • A professionally trained and internationally accredited Co-Active Career & Leadership Coach,          trained with the best in the industry
    • Founded & built 2 business practices & started other initiatives for youth
    • Using not only my coaching credentials but also a mix of approaches, based on my lifelong                professional & personal development and experiences
    • A 25-year ‘parallel’ career in professional Associations, empowering youth
    • Decades of personal development and spiritual work
    • An innate passion to empower & help youth
    • I am dedicated in empowering you embrace your inner fire to transform your future
    • I have an abundance of stories to share with you


    • Before embarking on Marlene’s program, ‘Explore-Dream-Discover’, a big goal was to figure out what I wanted to study at university. Being a great multi-tasker, with many solid interests, inclinations and very good academically, I was confused and uncertain. In many ways, my self-confidence levels were also prohibiting me from seeing clearly what I wanted. For years, I would hear my family tell me that if I follow my dream and pursue studies in anything other than Law or Engineering or Business, I will be selling oranges after I graduate!!! That was stressing me. One thing I was certain about, was that I did not want to become an engineer!

      Marlene’s program helped me to gain an awareness of who I am that I didn’t have before! In fact, no one had asked me before the questions that Marlene did. Learning to acknowledge and to celebrate my strong points, as well as understanding what was holding me back, boosted my self-confidence enormously and gave me a clear picture of who I really am! Something that had a positive impact both on an academic but also a personal level.  In the process everything started to untangle and magically, I knew that I wanted to apply for English Literature! And I was certain about it! That was amazing. I never would have thought that getting to know me better, working on my self-image, understanding my strong points but also my weaknesses, would be something that would help me to de-clutter and sharpen my ability to make better decisions for my future.

      – Varvara Lois, Graduate, The English School, Nicosia – Admitted Sep 2023 onto MA English Literature at Edinburgh University

    • “Millfield English Language Holiday Courses host hundreds of students from all over the world, each year. Ms Marlene Michaelidou and S.M.A.R.T. Options Education, are a most professional company with a serious and genuine interest in the youth market and the positive development of the young participants, teenagers, they refer to us. Our co-operation with them has been excellent!”

      — Mark Greenow, Director of Holiday Courses and Events, Millfield Enterprises – Somerset, UK

    • “From the beginning of our collaboration 13 years ago, I was impressed by her vitality, enthusiasm and dedication to her cause. Marlene is always wholly professional in whatever she undertakes and conducts her business with the utmost integrity.”

      — Felicity Roberts Holmes, LLB. Director of Student Experience/Senior Lecturer in English Language & Communication studies, The University of Buckingham-UK

    • “Working with Marlene and Smart Options was a fantastic experience. With her guidance, her vast knowledge, diligent approach & continuous support, I was able to make informed choices and as a result I received 5 offers from top universities in the UK. She has been such a great asset to me and my family and I am so happy I chose her to help me at such a crucial stage in my life.”

      — Eleni Costa: Medical Writer, Senior Scientific Account Executive

    • “Dear Marlene, I just wanted to thank you once again for your excellent presentation to Key Stages 4 and 5 last week, on Leadership Skills for Teenagers. You conveyed exactly the sort of messages the young people should hear and I think they have all benefited from that. We look forward to hosting you again soon.”

      — Marija Ullman, Head-teacher (2009-2013) – The Senior School, Nicosia

    • “Working with Marlene was an absolute pleasure! Although assigned to carry out a project for me just 4 weeks before the deadline, her brilliant work resulted in me successfully getting 1 out of only 19 places available in the Global Health degree in the entire Medical School! I cannot thank Marlene enough! She made my dream a reality!”

      — Eleana Demosthenous – Ex-Final year Medical Student, University of Bristol, UK. Now a qualified Doctor working in Africa

    • “Marlene’s work is tremendously valued by me as a scientist and as an educator. I know her since 2003 when she supported me, empowered me and skillfully facilitated my admission to university at a challenging time in my life. I have kept in touch with her since, as I consider her nothing short of a miracle in my life.”

      — Dr. Hossein Miri, Senior Researcher and Developer in Mixed Reality, Virtual Humans and Conversational Agents, The University of Tilburg - Netherlands