Leadership & Empowerment Coaching


We are all leaders in our lives, in our families and in our communities. When we connect with a sense of our true leadership and take personal responsibility for our impact in the world, we can start to create the environments in which we really want to live.

How do YOU want to live?

Do you crave to have a life lived with purpose, intention and vibrancy?

So, what’s stopping you? 

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of” -Jim Rohn

Could it be any of these reasons?

  • you feel stuck in your current life situation but don’t know what to do about it or how to change that
  • you have dreams which you are afraid of never accomplishing
  • you feel frustrated and lost and that is impacting many aspects of your life (relationships, work-life balance, hobbies)
  • you are approaching burnout
  • you know inside of you that there has to be another way, there’s so much more in life, but you do nothing about it
  • you are ready to create new ways of living & working but Change is scary
  • you have lost your sense of Self after a major life event
  • you want to build true confidence & be a better leader in life and business but need a helping hand
  • while you have to work for the next challenge or move, you don’t know where to start
  • you have ambition but lack direction
  • you have a huge desire to step into something bigger, bolder and truly fulfilling but need guidance & support
  • you are a high performer and know you need to do the work to get the desired results, but you procrastinate
  • you need more clarity, more momentum

Life is more than staying afloat.

When discontent and frustration with our life situation becomes overwhelming, we become unhappy. We fall into depression.

We live our life while holding our breath.
It’s time to exhale. 

Personal growth is more than an end product. With coaching, you are empowered and energized to make positive, lifelong change. My job is to help you develop your mindset, your perspectives and offer you tools to go after it. I will help you explore your values, discover what really matters to you, and take action to live your best life. Self-discovery takes effort, but it’s not hard work. You are capable of having the life you’ve always wanted.

Do you want to take control and create the life you want?

Let’s work together

 1:1 x 45’ Introductory Exploration Session

This ‘taster’ coaching consultation is an opportunity for you to explore how coaching could serve you, learn more about yourself and determine what our coaching relationship could look like and if we’d like to continue working together. During this time, I will share my philosophy on coaching and you will have an opportunity to discuss your goals and intentions. We will also discuss a high-level action plan for what your coaching process could look like.

 1:1 x 120’ Discovery Session

During this discovery session we will design our alliance and determine how we will work together. In addition, I will introduce some coaching terminology and tools, establish your priorities and goals for the coaching process, and ensure we’re aligned on logistics. We will also set the foundation for the rest of our coaching relationship by exploring your values and some tools you can rely on.

1:1 x 75’ Focus Specific Coaching Session

This option is ideal for a client who has a focused goal in mind. Here you have maximum flexibility to schedule sessions as needed, to gain clarity on a focused topic or to grow specific skills.

‘Own your Power – The Focus is on You’ – a 90-days package
1:1 sessions designed for clients that want transformation in a targeted area. Every month we connect twice for a 60-minute coaching session. In this 3-month commitment, we will remain deeply committed to the goals established in your discovery session, to ensure your focused development.

‘Dare like the Sunflower’ – a 6 month package
Every month we connect twice for a 60-minute coaching session. In this

deep-dive 6-month journey, we will explore your values and life purpose deeply, ensuring they are central to your life and career. We will build off of the goals you’ve set during the discovery session, but each session will also serve as an opportunity for you to set a topic that would best serve your development if there is something top of mind.

Bespoke Packages on request

We can discuss your needs and design a plan together.

Marlene Michaelidou Website - Marlene Philippou

In this journey of your growth, I am your co-pilot, to help you navigate with clarity and confidence. During our time together, I put you centre-stage and I listen deeply, respecting you as the author and expert of your own life. I ask you questions to bring about clarity for you and challenge your perceptions and assumptions when it will serve your purpose and goals. I also bring in acute intuition, curiosity, empathy and warmth, together with good humour and an always positive and optimistic mindset to support any situation. While your past will be honored, the majority of our time together will be spent focused on the present and future. This will allow you to unlock your potential and create momentum towards your goals in an unencumbered way. Everything discussed in our coaching sessions is completely confidential. This confidentiality will allow you to do the honest and deep work that is necessary for true growth.

Why me? Why my services can bring value to you?

  • 40+ years in the professional arena
  • Certified Co-Active Coach, accredited by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), The International Coach Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Global
  • Founded & built 2 Business practices
  • Surpassed a number of personal & career transitions
  • Lifelong personal development, inner & spiritual work
  • 3 decades of active volunteerism in a number of professional Associations, NGO’s and Women’s & Civil Society Initiatives
  • In our work together I not only use my coaching credentials, I also bring a mix of approaches, based on my lifelong professional & personal experiences and non-formal education training
  • through servingin a multitude of roles in my life & career – from student, employee at both small companies & multinationals in UK & Cyprus, spouse, entrepreneur, business-owner, teacher, trainer, active volunteer & citizen, working mother, I have an abundance of stories to share with you
  • an innate passion to empower & help people lead conscious lives
  • strong belief in the power and fire that each person brings within them

What will you gain through Co-Creating with me?

  • increased self-awareness to help you align your personal & professional goals with your personal values
  • support & encouragement to develop from old ways of thinking and being, to new ways of believing and behaving
  • discover how you can move outside of your comfort zones and push yourself to new levels of performance
  • invaluable skills that will enable you to be more successful in future transitions that you will encounter
  • learn how set your priorities straight in your mind, to decide what your next steps should be
  • the dedicated time to get clearer about what you want to do next
  • discover and tap into your inner resources, so that the challenge is turned into an opportunity
  • new passion for the things that fuel you
  • deep understanding of limiting beliefs & personal obstacles
  • empowerment & self-confidence in your ability to achieve your goals
  • improved balance
  • an exciting vision for a new chapter of life
  • momentum for actionable change
  • regained identity and sense of worth
  • become aware of your own unique approach to navigating through big changes & transitions where you may be getting challenged or stuck
  • clarity & perspective in your life purpose
  • a fulfilled life

Ready to soar?


  • ‘This short testimonial represents a huge ‘Thank You’ note to the incredible Marlene, a wonderful coach. I’ve had previous experiences in Coaching, having been coached in a team I used to work with years ago. The difference between team and personal coaching is enlightening. Marlene is the best coach I have met so far -and as it happens, I get to meet many great professionals in my working life & as part of organizing events, which occasionally include coaching sessions for teams.

     I met Marlene unexpectedly and that’s the fascination of life. I couldn’t be more grateful! The 1:1 coaching experience we had together was eye-opening. It helped me discover so much about myself, while at the same time inviting me into personal introspection (even in a few sessions!). Marlene was the right coach to trigger the steps I needed to activate to enter this new journey. As a coach, Marlene is welcoming, warm, inspiring and really engaging, even from remote. We never met in person as we ran virtual sessions. This is the beauty and usefulness of technology. I soon felt the connection with her and connection is extremely important to further enhance engagement. The experience comes naturally with her, as she is very competent, clear, helpful, motivating and really able to help you, providing tools that encourage one to deep dive into paths that appeal to them. Definitely a path that I recommend you undergo with her. You will not regret it!’

    – Fulvia Ramella, Executive Assistant to Chief of Human Resources, Turin, Italy

  • “I immediately bonded with Marlene as soon as I met her and felt instinctively she would be trustworthy and would offer sound advice. I was not mistaken finding her to be all that and an excellent and empathetic listener as well. More than that, she helped me take several small steps to achieve my goals, which is exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended.”

    — Marina Christofide – Writer, Activist

  • “I knew nothing about Coaching, until I met Marlene. I ended up waiting for our sessions with anticipation and I am so grateful, as the time we spent together was probably one of the best things that happened to me in this peculiar, COVID year. When we started, I had confusion in me, I wasn’t trusting, I put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and the hours were not enough to carry out my many tasks and duties. I was constantly tired. After our sessions, I felt that the pressure was off, I was calm and more clear. Marlene helped me to manage my time more effectively, delegate more, set boundaries and not feel guilty when saying ‘no’. Above all, she empowered me to acknowledge the leader in me. And it was great to realise that the happier I am with me, the more I want to give back to my organisation!”

    — Antrie Christofidou – Manager, NGO

  • “Best thing I found about Marlene is her empathy and active listening skills. When I was speaking with her, I felt understood and had a feeling that she knew exactly what I was talking about. That really helped me make a connection with her. As a result of our sessions, I experienced more personal growth and my perspective and view on many things, shifted to a great extent, in particular my beliefs around Leadership – which was a topic very close to my heart. At the beginning of our relationship, I was neutral & flat and she heard me say that overall I would prefer to hold a secondary role in the organisation I serve; now, I decided to run for President!”

    — Ashraf Saleem - Board President, NGO